Separation Agreement

A separation agreement legally clarifies things between you and your ex as you separate.

It can be drafted for a married couple, or for a common law couple.

At Bytowne, we don't give a cookie-cutter template for you to fill in the blanks. Instead, we deliver a separation agreement that fits your life, ready to sign.
We deliver it within minutes, and all for just $200! What's more? It includes the necessary, written independent legal advice for each of you.

Then, we connect you with one of our Notaries Public to get it signed.

It's a smart, hassle-free way to get a separation agreement.

It's also the most comprehensive and cost-effective service of its type in Ontario.
In fact, we are so confident you won't find a cheaper, more comprehensive option - covering everything from children to assets, and from pets to the family home - that we'll give you $10 towards the use of that other option if you ever find it!

Get started below.

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The benefits speak for themselves

  • Legal facts so you make the best choices
  • Children, spousal support, assets, debts
  • Upbringing decisions, family home, pets
  • Ready in minutes, not months
  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Notarization
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