Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document used to give someone else the authority to do things on your behalf.

In order to give a power of attorney, you must have
the mental capacity to know what your possessions are, and to understand the consequences of your actions.

If you reside in Ontario, you can use three types of powers of attorney.
They can't be mixed.

The first two are standard and recommended for everyone who may come to need someone else's assistance. The third is for persons who need help buying or selling property in a far-away place. So:

  • a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property is used to give someone the power to manage assets;
  • a Power of Attorney for Personal Care is used to give someone the power to make care and medical decisions; and
  • a Transactional Power of Attorney is used to give someone the power to buy, sell, or register far-away property or land.
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