Divorce Law

There are joint divorces, and there are contested divorces.

The joint one is the one in which you and your ex both sign on the dotted line - you both ask for the divorce. In addition, you use a separation agreement to iron out the issues.

The contested one is the one in which only one spouse asks for the divorce. The other spouse can't stop the divorce, but it is more likely there will be disagreement about some issues.

At Bytowne, we only do joint divorces. Fill our step-by-step form and we'll deliver your divorce papers, your separation agreement, and your independent legal advice documents - all within minutes, and all for just $899!

Then, we'll connect you with one of our Notaries Public to get your documents signed. We'll then file them in court for you and get you your divorce!

It's a smart, hassle-free way to get divorced, which is why we call it DIVORCEiQ.
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The benefits speak for themselves

  • Legal facts so you make the best choices
  • Comprehensive divorce papers
  • Separation Agreement
  • Online notarization
  • Jargon-free instructions
  • A real lawyer for your questions
  • Court filing service
  • Unbeatable convenience
  • Thousands of dollars in savings
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