Our General Notary Public Services

We are a full service Notary Public firm. That means we commission and notarize all document types.

Our services are entirely online.

Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3.
This step is optional. You can skip it if you have your document ready.

If, instead, you need us to draft your document, select it below.

If you can't find it below,
contact us by email and we'll draft it for you.
Your document is ready. Book a 30 minute video appointment by clicking here or on the button below.

In preparation for your appointment, have your government-issued photo identification ready.

Also, if your document requires your signature, don't sign until you are on the video call.
At the time of your appointment, simply click on the link received by email to start the video call.

The best option for your appointment is a scanner, so you can get the signed document to your notary.

Alternatively, you can also use the
CamScanner phone app, or just take a picture of your document.

Another option is to share your screen with your notary and then sign your PDF document digitally.

You'll get back the PDF version of your notarized document by email right away.

We'll place a paper version in the mail for you on the same day.

Hi there. A final word on fees.

They are $45 for the notarization of the first document.

$35 for the second. $25 for the third. $15 for the fourth.

From the fifth document, the fee stays at $10 each.

Payment can be made by credit card, as well as Debit Visa or Debit Mastercard.

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