About Us

At Bytowne, we've put a lot of thought and action into making legal services accessible.

Ever visited a law office website? You'll notice you run into words, words, and more words - on different areas of law, on the profiles of the lawyers, on the profiles of the assistants, and so on.

Ever left one of those websites knowing you are further ahead on your issue? If you can answer "yes" to that question you must have found a true gem.

In a world in which people are comfortable with online tools, and in which people are seeking convenience, we've re-imagined the practice of law.
We've organized our website to match what people are looking for, and we've made sure that once you are on a web page, you can get started right away.

What's more? Depending on the issue, you can have your document created and in your inbox in a matter of minutes. Then, if you need to get in front of one of our notaries or lawyers, that can come soon after.

We make a point of providing both notary public and legal services conveniently - so you know you'll get the very best from us no matter how small or big your matter is.

The result is what we call coffee cup simplicity. It's our philosophy, and our promise to you - pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit down with one of our forms or get on a video call with one of our lawyers or notaries, and we'll either get the ball rolling on your issue or resolve it entirely before you drain the cup.

You'll be ably served by:

  • Jide Afolabi, a lawyer and notary public with over twenty years of experience covering a a wide range of legal matters;
  • Chigozie Elendu-Okoronkwo, a lawyer and notary public with a passion for immigrant settlement as well as corporate affairs;
  • Farooq Rafiq, a multi-lingual lawyer and notary public with a commitment to accessible legal services; and
  • Ife Adebiyi, a legal assistant with a knack for problem solving, and with many hours of unparalleled client interaction.

Get started today, and find out why our clients bookmark Bytowne.
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